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Instant Message Security has become critical for any company operating in a regulated environment or where it is important to be able to prove what information was communicated externally. Traders, sales, technical and support staff are increasingly using instant messaging (IM) to communicate with customers and colleagues as a routine part of their daily lives. Whilst their phone calls might be recorded for audits and dispute resolution, that is not the case with IM but it is no less important. If your staff are using systems such as Bloomberg, Reuters Messenger, MSN, Yahoo, LinkedIn, FaceBook or any others, you need to be able to manage what they are saying and be able to prove what they said.

Our systems allow you to set policies to control who can use what service, who can communicate with whom and introduces a workflow application so that IMs and blog entries can be vetted before they are published. In all cases the instant messages are recorded along with metadata (date, time, user etc), and a secure search facility is provided.

Enterprise Search The amount of data being collected and stored today is truly mind-boggling. Storage Area Networks, terabyte hard-drives and the proliferation of multi-media applications result in exponential growth. Most organizations don’t know what they have and are loath to delete any of it in case it is needed later. Our comprehensive enterprise search solutions enable the searching of all data repositories be they: web, email, documents, databases, or file systems.

Quality Monitoring is increasingly being regarded as a 'mission-critical' application. Customers will usually derive their impression of a company from the quality of the service they receive, so it is essential that agents speaking to customers are monitored and evaluated in order identify areas of weakness that can be addressed through coaching and training. Our systems provide tools for the creation of evaluation forms which can be used by supervisors to score the performance of an agent. The results can be passed to agents automatically or used as the basis of one-to-one coaching sessions.

You can use our consultants to benchmark your internal quality teams and we can take-over the complete quality process for you on a project or on-going basis. This could include outbound customer surveys to cross-check internal assessment results against customer opinions.

Enterprise Archiving The amount of data stored today is growing exponentially. Most companies have no storage control and it is not unusual for 10,000 copies of a single PowerPoint presentation to exist across email and file storage systems. This leads to uncontrolled growth in storage but also impacts space, power and heat.

Our Enterprise Archiving solution manages data regardless of format. Compression, encryption, access control, protection, preservation and removal regimes based upon categories and policies can be implemented to manage all data assets, and without affecting the user.

Customer Survey In these highly competitive times it is becoming increasingly important that the voice of the customer is incorporated into daily operations and the strategic thinking of companies. Our systems address post-call automated surveys, outbound surveys and web surveys. They provide tools for the creation of questionnaires which can be used by interviewers to capture responses, and the results can be displayed in reports and graphs, including trending over time.